Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell treatment diagramRegenerative Medicine involves the process by which normal tissue and function is restored in the body. Through stem cell injections and other Regenerative Medicine techniques, we can harness your body’s healing properties to repair your own tissue, including degenerative joints and spinal discs. We have found these therapies to be particularly effective in treating pain in the low back, neck, shoulders, knees and hips.

With years of wellness and pain management experience, the providers at The Pain Clinic offer a wide variety of Regenerative Medicine therapies to our valued patients. We are the only practice in the area with board-certified pain management physicians with 15+ years of experience providing these advanced interventional therapies. Even if these procedures are not covered by your medical insurance, we will make sure the cost is less than what is offered by any other pain clinic in the area.

Please contact one of our stem cell providers to learn more about this exciting field of medicine.