Motor Vehicle Accidents

Female Motorist With Whiplash Injury In Car Crash Getting Out Of VehicleAuto accidents can be devastating. Brain injury, neck & back pain, and joint injuries are examples of the medical problems caused by accidents. Even healthy people can have their lives ruined by car accidents. Patients often have difficulty at work and trouble sleeping after these injuries, which can severely diminish their overall quality of life.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, make sure you are examined and treated by a qualified physician right away. This will help, both medically and legally.

Auto Accident Symptoms

Back Pain

Man suffering from low back pain

Neck Pain

man suffering from neck and back pain while working with computer

Whiplash Injury

Woman feeling whiplash pain after car accident

Dr. Doraiswamy has extensive knowledge and experience in treating patients who have suffered from auto accidents. His greatest passion professionally is managing the pain of accident victims, and helping them get their lives back. Unlike other pain clinics in the area, Dr. Doraiswamy has prioritized getting accident victims scheduled with him ASAP. Hopefully you never suffer from such accidents, but if you do, feel free to call (951) 925-3600, and Dr. Doraiswamy will contact you personally.