All About Headaches

Most people have experienced or will experience a headache in their life.  Headaches are very common, and most of the time will go away on their own.

Sometimes, however, a headache can be so severe, headache sufferers require more than just an over-the-counter aspirin.

Severe headaches are also known as migraine headaches, and have a number of causes, including emotional stress, caffeine, bright lights, sensitivities to chemicals, allergies, and more.

These types of severe headaches or neurological type of pain do require medical attention and supervision.

The Pain Clinic provides headache patients with comprehensive treatment plans to help them achieve improved quality of life with reduced pain.

Our trained pain management specialists make full use of a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary therapeutic modalities to offer patients in Hemet, Sun City, Temecula, Menifee, and Murietta with optimum pain management care, for both acute and chronic forms of physical pain, including headaches.

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